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Seattle DUI lawyer Jason S. Newcombe will fight to keep your driving privileges and keep you out of prison.

Seattle DUI attorneys are here to help.

When you’re dealing with the immediate aftermath of a Washington State drunk driving arrest it can feel like your world has been turned upside down.

Many people who are dealing with a DUI charge in Seattle, WA have never been in trouble with the law. In fact, most of them are regular, honest folks who work hard for a living, and are unprepared for the whirlwind of emotion that accompanies a WA drunk driving arrest.

Our Seattle DUI attorneys handle hundreds of drunk driving cases every year in Western WA, and we understand how traumatic this experience can be. The first thing you need to realize is that you are NOT a criminal. Perhaps you simply made an error in judgment, or maybe you feel like your arrest wasn’t even warranted.

Our Seattle DUI attorneys you take the burden of dealing with the prosecutor and court off of yourself and put it squarely on us. Regardless of your particular circumstances, our Seattle DUI lawyers can help. While dealing with a Seattle DUI is difficult enough, there is no reason you should add to that burden by attempting to represent yourself. Not only are these efforts seldom successful, but when you retain one of our Seattle DUI attorneys you take the burden of dealing with the prosecutor and court off of yourself and put it squarely on us.

Think about this. If you’re not a plumber and your sink drain breaks, you hire an experienced Seattle plumber. If your roof starts leaking and you’re not a roofer, you hire a qualified Seattle professional.
It’s no different when you are dealing with the law. Only someone experienced with DUI law can effectively deal with the court for you to resolve your case. If you’re reading this, you obviously recognized a need. Our Seattle DUI lawyers handle hundreds of DUI cases every year, and are capable of helping you.

There is no substitute for experience in any of life’s endeavors, and this is especially true when dealing with Washington DUI laws. These laws are complicated, and navigating the court takes legal finesse. Negotiating with the prosecutor is aided by previous experience with their office.

Investigating a DUI case takes hard work and the knowledge to know where to look to discover issues that could create a strong defense. Our Seattle DUI attorneys have more than three decades of combined expertise in dealing with sensitive WA drunk driving cases, and we resolve hundreds of cases every year.

We enter into every Seattle DUI case with the basic assumption that it can be attacked to some degree, depending on a variety of factors including the police reports.

A Seattle DUI is not the end of the world. Our Washington State drunk driving lawyers have the experience and qualifications needed to resolve your case.

Understanding DUI penalties and how they affect your future.

As Seattle DUI attorneys, our first goal is to help you identify the various punishments you face so we can work together to mitigate them. Washington State DUI penalties are swift and severe. Even a first offense could cost you a lot of money, hinder your driving privileges, and cost your prison time.

A Seattle DUI also takes an emotional toll, and can affect every aspect of your life including your Seattle family and your job. Obviously, the primary goal in any DUI case is to minimize the adversity as much as possible by clearly focusing on the best methods of creating a sound legal DUI defense.

A Seattle DUI conviction will give you a criminal record.First, let’s examine the penalties for a first DUI offense in Washington. If convicted, you will face mandatory penalties that include up to 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. You will also have your driver’s license suspended for up to 90 days, and be required to possess high risk auto insurance (SR-22). You may also be required to install an interlock ignition device on your car and attend alcohol and drug counseling. One thing is certain: A Seattle DUI conviction will give you a criminal record.

If you’ve been charged with a different Washington DUI crime, such as minor DUI or a physical control violation, then the penalties will be different but no less stringent. Even though a minor DUI carries penalties that seem far less severe than a regular Seattle DUI, a conviction could make it very difficult to get a good job in the future because you'll have a criminal record.

Our Seattle DUI lawyers understand what’s at stake in every drunk driving related case, and that each situation requires a professional approach. Your future likely depends on that actions you take immediately following your arrest, so don’t waste time contacting one of our DUI lawyers in Seattle, WA.

Creating an aggressive strategy with our DUI lawyers in Seattle, WA.

Now that we’ve identified the Washington DUI penalties you may have to contend with, you might be wondering how our Seattle DUI attorneys go about building a defense to mitigate them. Many Seattle people who are facing their first DUI arrest don’t realize that you not only have to deal with court, but you will also face an administrative hearing with the Washington Department of Licensing.

Your Washington State Department of Licensing Hearing (DOL) hearing will determine whether your license is suspended, and you just 20 days to request a hearing. With so little time to act, it is paramount that you contact one of our Seattle DUI lawyers as soon as possible so that they can get to work on your defense.

Obviously, retaining your driving privileges is very important to you. Before your DOL hearing, our Seattle DUI attorneys will investigate your case thoroughly, but only if they have a reasonable amount of time to do the necessary legwork. This same legwork goes a long way toward building the defense we will present to the prosecutor and the court, so it’s never too early to get started. With time being of the essence, please call our DUI lawyers in Seattle, WA today for your free consultation.

When working on a defense strategy, one of the first places our Seattle DUI lawyers look is at the police reports pertaining to your arrest. At times, there are errors in those reports that could go a long way to working out a plea bargain or gaining an advantage in court.

Our Seattle DUI attorneys you take the burden of dealing with the prosecutor and court off of yourself and put it squarely on us. If you were pulled over under dubious circumstances or without merit, then this constitutes ammunition we can use to defend you. If the blood alcohol measuring device used to determine your blood alcohol level (BAC) was not calibrated according to proper procedure, then we can move to have this evidence suppressed at your evidentiary hearing.

These legal methods for establishing a defense can go a long way toward minimizing the DUI penalties you will be held accountable for. The primary goal of our Seattle DUI attorneys is to keep you legally allowed to drive and prevent you from going to jail. Resolving a Seattle DUI case is never easy, but experience and an aggressive posture can go a long way when defending your legal rights.

Why choose our DUI attorneys in Seattle, WA?

Choosing a qualified Washington drunk driving lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. You want to be certain that your DUI attorney is a compassionate advocate for your character with the court, and will work tirelessly to get the best end result possible.

Our Seattle drunk driving attorneys understand how important it is to take a personal interest in every client we represent. No two DUI situations are the same, and there is no cookie-cutter magic formula for resolving a case. A Seattle DUI can take a devastating emotional toll on everyone involved, so you should choose a lawyer who cares about the details involved in your case.

Dealing with the prosecutor and the court can be complicated and tedious. Our Seattle DUI lawyers have navigated these complex waters on numerous occasions, and that kind of experience only comes from dedication and perseverance. Our job is to protect your legal rights, and act as a barrier between you and the court. Because of this, we ensure that you are being treated fairly throughout the process, no matter what obstacles might stand in the way.

Your Seattle DUI defense starts with a free consultation.

You might still have some questions that you would like answered. You probably want more information about your particular case before you make a decision on which DUI attorneys in Seattle, WA you should go to for help. Fortunately, there is a risk-free way that you can get detailed information about your DUI case before you decide what lawyer is right for you.

Our Seattle DUI attorneys offer an initial case evaluation free of charge where you can start getting some clear-cut information that will help you decide your own fate. There is no pressure and no obligation for you to make a commitment.

You can ask us questions, and we will give you the facts to the best of our ability. If you decide to work with our experienced Seattle DUI lawyers, they will start building a strategy for you immediately, so that you have an aggressive DUI defense prepared BEFORE your DOL hearing.

Afterwards, we will continue to work on your behalf, handing both the prosecutor and the court, until your case is completely resolved.

Seattle DUI lawyer Jason S. Newcombe and our experienced drunk driving attorneys will fight for your rights!

Few events in life are more stressful than being arrested for a DUI in Seattle. Remember, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t let the anxiety of your matter overwhelm you.

Seattle DUI lawyer Jason S. Newcombe and our experienced drunk driving attorneyswill fight for your rights!

Contact a Seattle DUI lawyer from our firm today so that we can help you through this ordeal, and resolve your case with every legal means at our disposal.

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